I Stop Brexit: What is this site for?

It appears that our two main parties could allow us to crash out of the European Union on 29 March in spite of a clear majority against, and without agreement on how to proceed, nor how to prevent the damage to our economy and reputation.

It’s good that we now have a unified Westminster-based campaign to get us a People’s Vote and of course you must sign the petition to demand this.

However, once we have achieved another Referendum, it is up to every citizen to ensure that we win it. Canvassing votes will require many more boots on the ground. We cannot trust the Westminster Bubble to organise this for us.

On the morning of 24 June 2016 people woke up in horror at what had happened and in disbelief of the incompetence of the official Stronger In campaign. Gradually, all over the country, they set up their own groups and started to campaign for themselves. Unfortunately, the national organisations have made no attempt to recruit individuals who want to get involved to the grass roots groups.

So enter your postcode in the box below to find the contact details of the grass roots campaign groups that are working near you.

If you already active in one of these groups, you can add or correct its details using forms on this site. Start off by searching for it by postcode, by its name or by certain other details such as its Facebook page name.